Over-the-knee socks in Spring... why not?

by - April 19, 2017

Over-the-knee socks are one of my favorite accessories. They are comfortable and warm and trendy all at the same time. Over-the-knee socks are generally associated with Fall and Winter. I'd really like to extend that into Spring. Who says over-the-knee socks are only for Fall and Winter?

Spring is here and I'd really like to pull out the skirts and shorts! However, although the weather is slowly getting warmer, the chill in the morning and evening can still be a killer. This is when the over-the-knee socks come in handy. They cover up those cold shivery legs and yet show off a bit of skin for a hint of sexiness without damaging your look. There are thinner versions of over-the-knee socks for warmer weather like the ones I have. Here's what to look out for when choosing over-the-knee socks!

1. Mind the color
Because it is spring time, you can't go wrong choosing neutral colors such as light grey or pink. If your outfit is already dark in color, bringing in more dark color to your socks would make your look appear Autumny/Wintery. If you like dark over-the-knee socks, balance them with bright colored tops and bottoms like a white blouse or bright red skirt to create contrast. 

Instead of using your tops and bottoms as your colored piece, you can also try adding the pop of color with your over-the-knee socks. Bright color over-the-knee socks like yellow can elevate your Spring look and draw eyes to your legs to make them appear longer.

2. Nothing over the knee other than the socks
Over-the-knee boots with over-the-knee socks are a great combo, when it is Autumn or Winter! Spring time calls for something more upbeat and lively. Only wear boots just below the knees at the highest.

Give ankle boots or short booties a shot! They are light-weight and comfortable. The booties I chose add a hint of red with gold zippers and trimmings to make my outfit more contemporary.

Laced up boots or combat boots toughen your outfit and give it a punk rock vibe.

Add feminine element with Mary-Jane or T-strap shoes! Pair them with over-the-knee socks and a classic A-line dress for a dainty sweet impression.

3. Keep your outfit simple and avoid bulkiness
Otherwise, again, it would look Autumny/Wintery.  An oversized sweater works well with over-the-knee socks for a relaxed cool look. You can leave it at that, but my sweater isn't quite long enough so I decided to wear a denim skirt underneath for some length.

4. Metallic Accessories

Metallic accents adds glam and makes your look more cheerful. Instead of accessories like necklaces and bracelets, I threw in this element with a straw bag. Not only it gives people the impression for warm weathers, the gold rims and strap come together to create a carefree feeling. In this case, it "dress down" my outfit by making it more Spring-like.

Tell me about your ideas to style over-the-knee socks in Spring in the comments down below! Till next time! :)

Over-the-knee socks: MukLuk - Here
Sweater: Bootlegger - Similar
Jean skirt: Forever21 - Here
Booties: Here
Leather Jacket: Danier - Similar
Straw bag: Forever21 - Similar here, here and here

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