How to Wear Velvet All Day Everyday (Part 2)

by - January 17, 2018

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Previously on Her Sassy Closet, we took velvet into the lounge. This time, Part 2 of the velvet series, we are going to take a look at how we can style the same velvet dress to go on the streets!

My concept is pretty simple: just throw on a long vest or duster jacket with a pair of chunky-heeled sock boots and you are good to go!

I chose a heavier material for the vest - thick suede, for a more tough cowgirl look. The length of the vest made it more sophisticated instead of sporty. Sock boots maximize comfort for all day wear. 

This is a great outfit for a nice weekend brunch. To dress it up more, don a couple over-sized bangles would be more than enough. The smooth fabric itself is already a wow factor. Having too many items from the jewel department would take away its glam.

This is just one of many ways to wear velvet on a day out. When wearing velvet, keep in mind the following: 

Do's for the look of smart and sophistication 
1. Rich colors are best:
Rich jewel hues bring out the best and elegance of the fabric. Darker shades create the illusion of slimmer silhouettes. Although lighter colored velvet can be chic, it can be tricky to carry. This leads to my next point.

2. Not too tight:
Be careful and watch for how and where the fabric hugs your body. Because velvet is quite soft and smooth, it tends to fall into the shapes and curves of the body. Too tight of a garment would show off all your flaws. This is especially true for crushed velvet - in such a case, darker colors are your best bet. If you really like the bodycon dress look, try one with draped velvet to distract the eyes from the not-so-attractive parts of your body.

3. Let it be the accessories:
Velvet doesn't have to be worn as clothes. Add a touch of elegance to your outfit with a simple velvet choker or a small velvet boxy handbag. 

Footwear is another great way to carry velvet. We've seen them a lot on fashion blogs and trendsetters, wearing velvet on sneakers, heels, boots, you name it! Velvet adds femininity to the outfit easily with small coverage. 

Don'ts because you would look cheap and trashy 
1. Don't over do it:
Keep your velvet garments to one. Too many pieces of velvet to make up an outfit will make you look like you are wearing curtains. 

Same goes with velvet embellishments. Keep it simple as well for the exact same reason.

How do you style your velvet? Let me know in the comments below. That's the end of the velvet series. Till next time!

Velvet Dress: Garage Clothing | Long Vest: c/o Urban Behavior Similar | Sock Boots: Aneikeh

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