How to Wear Velvet All Day Everyday (Part 1)

by - January 13, 2018

Happy New Year everybody! I've been MIA again for a bit to spend some time with the family over the holidays. As you can see, I'm not quite ready to put away the tree. 

Velvet is the fabric of the day! Ever have the thought that come across your mind that whenever you put on velvet, you instantly look overdressed? Think again! 

The fuzzy material is smooth and soft for comfort and everyday wear, yet it bounces off light making it look shiny and lux at different angles. 

First post of the year I'd like to chillax a bit and go for the comfy cozy lounge wear. Take a look at my new found love - velvet dress.

Lounge wear is just one of many ways to wear velvet. Stay tune for the part 2 of this series on how I turn this dress from lounging to outing and more tips on how to style velvet all day everyday! Till' next time!

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Velvet Dress: Garage Clothing

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