The Dramatic Oversized Sleeves

by - July 25, 2017


If there is any fashion-forward trend you would like to try, I recommend giving the statement sleeves a shot. May it be flounce, ruffle, bishop, elongated, embellished, belled sleeves, there is so much variety! Whatever your preference is, these fabulous sleeves would be an eye-catcher wherever you go. 

Some might think that statement sleeves aren't the best to wear in the summer as the weather is too hot. Vancouver weather changes often however, I actually found it just right when I wore this dress to my photo shoot (Again, I'm a tropical animal!). I was kept warm in my sleeves on the upper arm and the extra-wide flare sleeves made of structured material allowed the breeze to come through and thus cooling my forearms. 

Here are my opinion on do's and don'ts when styling large bell sleeves:

1. Do adopt to streamline
Because statement sleeves are already very huge and dramatic, you wouldn't want to make your outfit any busier. Pair your giant sleeves with fitted bottoms like tight jeans or pencil skirts to balance out the bulk on your outfit from the sleeves. 

2. Do show off the waistline
Defining your waist helps reduce the overall bulkiness of your outfit and create a slim and tall look. Moreover, it would also exaggerate your sleeves, making it stand out even more. 

Opt for a cropped statement sleeved top with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans to expose your waist; or try statement sleeve dress with a belt. Don't be shy with having some fun with the belt! I love this belt of mine that is made of long ruffles that make it look almost like a mini skirt. It corresponds with my bell sleeves perfectly. Keep in mind that if you like to pair a statement belt like mine with your bell sleeved top or dress, make it short and small enough that it doesn't take away from the sleeves. Not feeling adventurous? You would never go wrong with just a simple thin belt.

3. Don't over accessorize
As stated in my last point, don't over do the accessories, including the belt. I recommend small and dainty jewelries and keep the attention to your sleeves. 

4. Don't underestimate your beauty
This is the most important point of all! Make sure you feel confident in what you are wearing. Best thing about fashion is that it's entirely up to you. It's all about having fun. Just remember, you are beautiful :)

Today's photo shoot was a fun date with my good friends who graduated with me in nursing school - Rina and Katrina. She is a blogger as well! She is so talented and stylish. Be sure to check out her blog And She Dressed!

What do you think about the bell sleeve trend and the way I styled mine? Leave me a shout in the comment below! Till next time!

Top: Toppies - Here
Belt: Shop 207198 Store - Here
Sunglasses: Sunglasses.LA - Here
Bag: Calvin Klein - Similar here
Shoes: Mermak Official Store - Here Valentino version - Here

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  1. LOVE dramatic sleeves, they look amazing on you! Found your blog through Rina, shes a sweetheart :) xx

    1. Thank you! Hope to see you around here more :) Love Rina too! She's a great friend <3


  2. These bell sleeves give me life. I love your stylish dress shirt with the cool leather belt around the waist.

  3. Hey babe! It was so fun doing this shoot with you! We definitely need to have lots more blogging dates ahead. You're already a pro at taking photos! I loved this look you put together with that super cute peplum belt. I'm so proud of your with starting your blog. I still remember the conversation we had when you we're thinking about it at Cactus Club and you've done so much already! Can't wait to see what the next year holds for you!

    Rina Samantha

    1. More shooting dates will be scheduled :) Thanks for all your support along the way <3

      Love always xxoo

  4. How cool is the belt, I love this one so much!
    Amazing combination and I adore this look so much,
    this is so unique and perfect for summer.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

    1. Thank you Amely! Glad you like it :)