Day 2 - Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom

by - June 24, 2017

On Day 2 of our Walt Disney World trip, we went to Animal Kingdom. The park as a tribal sort of theme to it. It's like walking through a mini Africa. The park is like a giant zoo with many animals to see. They even have a Safari ride that took us to a more open area to see the animals in their more natural habitat. It was a lot of fun! Of course we met Pocahontas there as she is so close to nature and listens to the wind <3 p="">

The day was super hot that day we had to stop under the shade for a while. Our lunch was from Harambe Market. The food was very interesting as it was African. I've never really had African food before and I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't too hungry because of the heat, so I only had a mango pie. It was a nice sweet cooling treat that lasted me for a while. It was pretty crowded but we managed to find a table under a sun umbrella. Good thing because 20 mins later the sky suddenly turned dark and poured for about an hour. According to the locals, it's very common in Orlando to have sudden giant downpours. I'll keep that in mind for our next visit!

One of the best touch of the day was the Festival of the Lion King was a very cool show - partially because Lion King is one of my childhood favs! It was a live musical show that involves giant puppets. I'm not sure how mechanical the puppets are but this whole Disney World trip so far had me impressed on how smooth, realistic and natural they make the puppets move nowadays. The many dancers and visual effects made the whole show came alive and very enjoyable to watch.

We had dinner at the Tusker House Restaurant. It is a one of a kind family buffet-style restaurant. The food was alright but we got to meet Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy there as they roam around the restaurant table to table for visitors to take photos. I thought that was very thoughtful. There is usually big lineups to meet the characters but at this restaurant they come to you! Saved us time while we filled ourselves up!

The park had extended hours for the new section of the park, Pandora - The World of Avatar for the Disney Resort Hotel Guests because of its popularity, so we left it to the end after the Rivers of Light show. It was an interesting and memorable experience walking though this section of the park after dark. It was lighted up with lamps that shaped like plants from out of this world. There was also sound effects in the background that made it feel like we were really walking through the world of Avatar and in the nature. The rides were needless to say, very cool effects to ride on!

For this day, I chose to wear a comfy tee with grid print paired with denim shorts. Cotton tee and denim shorts are a classic combo that never fails! They are also comfortable and easy to move around in. Perfect for day-long wear. I also thought it is carried as a carefree, natural vibe look that matched the park theme well. With the full day of walking ahead, I opted for sneakers with good sole support. I was glad for the choice! My feet were tired but at least weren't screaming at the end of the day. I had my gold chain necklace with emerald stones as an added touch and glam along with the must-have Minnie Mouse ears headband to complete my outfit. I wore a cute bracelet I bought from the Disney Gift Shop the day before instead of the bangles I brought. It is made up of colorful beads in the shape of Mickey Mouse heads. It was, I thought, fits with the outfit well and of course, very Disney! Unfortunately I couldn't find it at the online Disney Store or Shop Disney Park website :( Maybe it is so popular it is sold out online!

How do you dress for nature to go around in parks like the Animal Kingdom? Let me know in the comments down below! Next, Day 3 - the most magical park of all times, Magic Kingdom! 

Top: Kismet Bootlegger - Here
Shorts: Garage - Similar here
Denim button-up shirt - Similar here
Shoes: Puma - Similar here
Headband: Disney - Here
Necklace: Bootlegger - Similar here
Earrings: Casual Fashion Jewelry Shop - Here

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  1. ahhhh you look so cute.
    I always wanted to visit disneyland :D
    Lovely Pictures.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

    1. Thanks babe :) you need to go if you get a chance. You won't be disappointed!