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by - June 10, 2017

As some of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram may be aware, I am going to Disney World! I'm going to take this opportunity to share what I like to pack on a trip. When I travel, I try to be as minimal as can be. Here are some of the essentials I always bring with me:

1. Comfortable shoes
Travelling and walking go hand-in-hand. Have your feet pampered as much as you possibly can when you are working them hard the whole day! Choose footwear with good support, such as runners and sneakers, so that your feet wouldn't go screaming at the end of the day. I usually am more lenient on picking a pretty pair of flats as they are more elegant and suitable for both day and night. What can I say? I'm kind of a girly girl! Runners calls for a sporty relaxed vacation look which is also cute.

2. Versatile outfits
T-shirt dress is almost always in my suitcase when I travel. They are easy and comfortable to wear and yet stylish at the same time. Extra points!

Clumsy as me, I also like packing clothes that are interchangeable with one another. In case I end up dirtying say a top, I can mix and match the bottom with another top and look just as good. Cotton blend shirts and denim bottoms are my favs!

Depending on where I go, sometimes the temperature can be quite different as the sun sets. Unless I go somewhere cold enough to need a thicker jacket, I like to opt for a button-up shirt for warmth. Denim shirts are great at this because they matches everything!

3. Minimal accessories
Traveling by car is fine, but I am not a hat person when I fly. That's one more accessory I have to worry about. I keep my accessories small and clean. I also only bring one set that match all my outfits.

Who says hand-me-downs always sucks? I have this hand-me-down genuine leather backpack from my mom. I think it's super cute with all its color blocks - That's a statement on its own! I love travelling with a backpack to have my personal items with me all the time. It distributes the weight of my stuff evenly and is easier on my back as compared to crossbody bags.

4. Swimwear
Sometimes this isn't the first thing on people's minds when they travel. Many hotels have nice pools in- or outdoor for their guests and they are often empty because travellers would rather be out and about. Bring your swimsuit and good chance to have the pool all to yourself! Take a dip and enjoy :)

A New York-based lingerie company called Adore Me has very kindly shared with me a discount code for all you readers out there! Use the code "SWIMSET10" and get $10 off your purchase on their new swimwear collection! It's valid with VIP and PAYG orders. Have fun shopping! Am I evil? Haha.

Rather it is a staycation or flying to another country/city, enjoying the different surroundings and cultures often serves as an inspiration for me to better my life and appreciate what I already have. Summer is here. Are you going anywhere for a vacation? What are your travel essentials? Share with me in the comments below. Till next time!

For my upcoming posts, I will share with you my outfits going to Walt Disney World. Stay tuned! Follow me on Instagram for my Instastories during my trip!

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  1. These are some lovely travel essentials.
    I am so in love with These pieces.

    with love your AMELY ROSE