How to Dress like a Cool Mom Part 2 - The Baby Doll Dress

by - August 18, 2017

Baby doll dresses are one of my favorite garments. They are super cute and SO easy to style in many ways. They are flattering on all body types as they hide away areas of concerns many people have, such as the not-so-toned tummy, hips and thighs. You don't have to be thin to look good and sexy in a baby doll dress. They are comfortable and chic for anyone including, as the second part of this series, moms! You can most definitely look like a chic stylish mom in one. Baby doll dresses are, not surprisingly, great as maternity clothing! They are a lifesaver and also money-saver when you are expecting a bundle of joy! I remember living in them when I was pregnant with my baby. Many think that Baby doll dresses ARE maternity clothes, but I disagree! Let's talk about how to pull off baby doll dresses without looking preggers and frumpy!

1. Choose the right length
I believe the perfect length to don a baby doll dress is just above the knees. This length along with the empire waistline accentuates the best parts of your body, great busts and the most slender part of the legs. Baby doll dresses are very flowy and hence making them very sweet and feminine. Too short of the length would heighten the risk for a "show off" on a gusty day with the exaggerating flare. Having them just above the knees expresses your sophistication with a hint of sexiness.

To solve the show-off problem, you can pair your baby doll dress with fitted pants or leggings and wear it like a top, like how I did for my first look! It also make you worry-free of wardrobe malfunction with you are chasing after your toddler! 

2. Finding the proper shoes
If you don't have a little one to running around with, heels and pumps make excellent combo with a baby doll dress for a more mature flirty look. Otherwise, flats are great for all seasons, as well as kitten heels like the ones I have. The white fitted denim pants created a more mature vibe, so I chose a black pair with white polka dots to keep it fun and youthful. It's a plus that the polka dots also compliment the pearl details on my dress. 

For my second look, I just wore my baby doll dress as is. I decided to have fun with my footwear and went with a metallic gladiator sandals. They are perfect to run around in and breezy enough for the late summer weather. I love how the straps extend up to just below the knees providing an illusion of extra coverage. When the weather becomes cooler, you can easily transition your baby doll dress outfit by switching to boots! Knee-high boots or over-the-knee boots are my favorite to pair with a baby doll dress to elongate my petite body. Again, opt for shorter or flat heels for increased comfort when working with your little ones!

3. Glam up... Slightly!
Put on a little bit of make up! No need for it to be heavy; natural nude makeup is sufficient enough to avoid the "morning sickness" look. Add some detail and glam to your outfit with small metallic accessories. I prefer minimal jewelries when I'm playing with my little one (you can't really have many anyways as kids just LOVE to pull on them!). A strappy watch with gold detail like the one I have provides the perfect touch!

Have you (mom or not ;)) tried the baby doll dress? Give it a go and fall in love! I'd love to hear your experience with the dresses and how you style them! Let me know in the comments below! More mom outfits coming up next! Stay tuned. Till next time!

Baby doll dress: Zara - Similar here and here
White denim pants: Memeilily Online StoreHere
Polka dots shoes: Minnie Mouse for PaylessSimilar here
Gladiator sandals: YX GirlHere
Watch: FeralHere
Sunglasses: Sunglass.LA Here
Bracelet: Jisensp - Here

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