How to dress like a cool mom part 4 - Glammed up shoes

by - August 24, 2017

I like simplicity when it comes to being a mom. With a sweater and denim shorts I breeze through the day comfortably. It can be boring, however, with such a combo. I like to give my outfit a bit of a twist!

This top I bought from the Frank + Oak warehouse sale I've been wanting to share with you. The material is quite nice and thick though that I think is more suitable for cooler fall weather. The design is very simple with a small surprise slit at the back. As beautiful as it is, I think it's probably better for it to be in another color when working with kids; especially kids with spaghetti and red meat sauce *lol*.

The focus of my outfit today is my statement pair of shiny metallic platform shoes. They are how I kept my outfit fun and youthful. I was eyeing another plain metallic shoes. When I saw these Stella-McCartney-lookalike with star details, it was kind of love-at-first-sight. Who doesn't love stars? They are so much fun! I threw in my glam with these lovelies and they work perfectly well with the casual weekend look. I felt like a rock star wearing them because they were attracting the eyes and attention! I'm definitely going to play with them and see if I can work with them with the dressed up's.

Do you like my cool mom outfit #4? How do you wear your glammed shoes? One more cool mom outfit next for the last of the cool mom series! Stay tuned!

Top: Frank + Oak - Similar here and here
Denim shorts: Garage - Similar here
Shoes: Top Rated Footware Plaza Store - Here or Stella McCartney - Here
Watch: Feral - Here
Bracelet: isensp - Here
Sunglasses: Sunglass.LA - Here

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