Extending the Polka Dot Trend into Fall

by - October 21, 2017

Halloween is just around the corner and now photos of friends visiting pumpkin patches are popping up everywhere on my Facebook feed. So today, I decided to bring in something different - a sunflower field! Isn't it beautiful? This is located at the Aldor Acres Family Farm in Langley, BC. It was another family day for me. This farm is, as the name suggests, super family friendly. There are petting zoo with lots of farm animals. Even piglets that were born just the day before! Our little highlight of the day was a wagon hayride up the hills to their pumpkin patch. Our first and will definitely not be our last! I didn't get a chance to take too many photos at the pumpkin patch because it was quite wet and muddy as it rained the day before. The sunflowers and grown everywhere around the farm. It wasn't hard to find a good spot for the insta-photos! Guess what goes well with giant yellow flowers in the fall? Polka dots!

Polka dots are one of the most classic patterns and they made a red hot hit during the summer! As Autumn comes around, why not pull the essence into the cooler weather? So how do you wear polka dots without looking childish? Here are my thoughts on how it's done:

1. The fit
Make sure your polka dots piece is in a modern cut, such as a fitted blouse and an A-line dress. A fitted silhouette shows off your feminine body and gives it a more mature, sophisticated look. If your piece is loose, cinch your waist and throw in a color pop at the same time. Try a bright red thin belt on monochromic polka dots. It will give you that fitted look you are going for and because of the color, it also draws attention to the small of your waist. Double thumbs up!

2. Graphic blocking
Instead of going all out with one full polka dot piece, opt for something smaller making the pattern an essence of your outfit rather than the main focal point. A polka dot scarf around your neck is a good choice to ease into the trend. A large polka dot triangle scarf around the waist toughens up your outfit and adds the traces of the rock star vibe.

3. The extremes
The literal go with small dots or go big with giant dots. I find anything in between appear too busy and not so flattering on many body types. Small dots create a clean, sharp look, whereas giant dots create a statement for your outfit.

How are you styling your polka dots? Let me know in the comments below! Till next time!

Outfit from:
Polka dot dress: H&MHere
Leather jacket: Urban Behavior - Similar here
Booties:  America Store - Here

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