Staying Cute and Warm with a Puffer Jacket

by - November 19, 2017

Brrr isn't it getting colder and colder these days? Time for the jackets and coats to come out! Recently I found this super cute ultra-lightweight puff jacket and I'm in love. 

When I saw this jacket, I was drawn to the smart out-of-the-box designs:

1) The puffs are stitched in diamond shapes, which is different from the traditional horizontal puffs. I think this helps keep the down in place as they are in sectioned smaller spaces.  

2) It doesn't have a hood! Without the big volume at the back of my neck, it opens up a lot more options and possibilities for styling. It can be worn just as is - an outerwear, or as a layer under a thicker jacket! Because it is ultra-thin, using it as a layering piece under another coat adds extra warmth to your outfit without looking super bulky. 

Do you have a puffer in you closet too? How do you like to style it? Let me know in the comments below! Till next time!

Puffy Jacket: Uniqlo | Graphic tee: Uniqlo | Skirt: Forever21 | Sunnies: Armani Express Similar | Boots: Steve Madden Similar

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