Spring is finally here!

by - April 11, 2017

Vancouver weather has been weird this year!  It's been cold then warm then cold again... and those multiple wind and rain storms! Hopefully the weather will be nicer from now on!

You can tell spring is here in Vancouver when you see cherry blossoms blooming. It's a bit late this year because it has been cold, but it's finally here! It's truly beautiful to take a walk or have a picnic under a sea of pink. Cherry blossom is probably one of my favorite flower. If they sell them in flower shops, I'd probably buy them. I mean, nothing can compare to its delicacy and beauty (in my opinion!).

To go with the cherry blossom theme, I picked out a denim shirt with cherry blossom embroidery from GUESS. When I saw it online, it was love-at-first-sight. I feel like carrying spring on my shoulders with it on. It looks refreshing and absolutely stunning.

Denim shirts are very easy to work with and style. Here are a few ways I love to style my denim shirts:

1. Glam it up with cute flare or pencil skirts
Like how I wore it with my outfit! A skirt makes any outfit look instantly feminine and dressy. Flare skirts are very slimming. If you want to hide wider hips and thicker thighs, they are your best friends! Pencil skirt hugs the body and show off your curves and silhouette in a chic, sexy way. Remember to keep it simple if there is embroidery on your denim top like mine.

2. Make it more fun by playing around with bottoms of different textiles, colors and patterns
Tulle skirt would be a great choice on a date night. It is super sweet paired with a denim top. Throwing in a bling necklace or bracelet would add to the glam.

Bright colored bottoms pants or skirts make your outfit pop like that single red tulip amongst a yellow tulip field. Color blocks make easy-to-carry spring looks.
Bold prints like large floral and leopard work great with a denim top. Floral print is a classic and leopard print gives it a sexy twist.

3. Pair it with other denim
Many people seem hesitant to wear denim on denim. The trick is to make sure one piece is at least two shades lighter or darker than the other. This would give your outfit some depths.

4. Layer it
On a cold day, throw on a cozy sweater on top of the denim shirt. Keeps you warm and creates a stylish and relaxed layered look.
Rock the rock look with a leather jacket over the denim shirt. Complete the look with ripped jeans or skirt and biker boots. 

There are so many options!  Comment on the commen section below and let me know how you wear your denim shirts!

Embroidered shirt: GUESS - Here
Skirt: Aeropostale - Here
Boots: The Bay - Similar here
Bag: Jessica Simpson - Similar here and here
Necklace: Suzy Shier - Similar here
Bangle: Elfi - Here

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  1. That's such a pretty top, Winnie! Love how vibrant and fresh it looks.