Sweet encounter at CQC

by - April 09, 2017

Yesterday was a boring-turned-fun day! Since it was raining outside, my family and I decided to go to the Coquitlam Centre (CQC) for an indoor day.  It was an excellent choice -- turned out there was a Style Blogger Event happening!  It was part of their "Your Runway" mall promotion with the theme "spring capsule wardrobe".  The idea of spring capsule wardrobe is to de-clutter and condense the clothing in our closet.  There is a useful guideline to do that on the CQC fashion journalist website.  There, I met three lovely fashion bloggers, showcasing their spring capsule wardrobe selection from various stores in the mall.  It was so much fun getting to know them and getting tips on their ways of styling.  

Sharday focuses on minimalism.  Neutral tones are the main color scheme in her spring capsule wardrobe.  Her style is very laid-back and comfortable.  It's perfect for mommies just like me and her!  Although her choices of clothing seem very causal, they don't lack chic.  She's added a splash of color in her collection to go with the spring theme with a light pink rain coat that is super cute.  I love the army green drapery trench she was wearing yesterday - gave it a bit of color to her classy basic outfit and kept her warm during the still-chilly-rainy Vancouver spring weather.  Check out her blog "Sharday Engel" here.

Bree describes her style as "balancing practicality with fashion".  Her spring capsule wardrobe choices are also quite casual, pulling together different textiles and patterns like denim and stripes to create a fresh spring look.  I especially like the salmon pink pleated skirt she picked out.  It would be so cute to dress it up for a fancy nice dinner or dress it down for a casual weekend brunch.  She looked super chic yesterday in her striped shirt paired with classy leather jacket to create a cool contrast.  Visit her blog "The Urban Umbrella" for more styling tips here.

Krystin likes to pair basics with a trendy piece to make up her outfit.  In her spring capsule wardrobe 
definitely reflex that characteristic.  Her outfits appear to consist of basic simple garments with statement pieces of either cool patterns, bold colors or special textiles.  One of my favorites from her collection is a pair of pink joggers.  It's absolutely falls into the comfort yet stylist category!  Krystin looked relaxed yesterday with a patterned a-line dress topped with a colored bomber jacket.  The combo was low-key yet trendy!  See more on her blog "Girl in Betsey" here.

The CQC spring capsule wardrobe is perfect timing for spring cleaning.  For those who need to do some cleaning up (like me!), this is a good chance to get rid of clothes you don't need anymore!  What's even better is that CQC has another event partnered with H&M on Earth Day, April 22nd, to collect your "Go" pile of clothes.  You will receive H&M vouchers and Coquitlam Centre gift card for dropping off your old clothes!  Check out their website here for more details.

I did not intend to do a post on my outfit yesterday but then I thought, "why not?".  Simple is best, and it is the everyday me that you will see with how I look all the time.  Spring in Vancouver is still a little cold and rainy.  I paired a casual t-shirt with jeans and a handkerchief sweater.  This sweater is one of my favorite piece in my closet to keep me cozy in this temperature!  It's easy to style it with pants or skirts -- very versatile! I love love loooove the cat prints on the shirt (for those who know me well, I'm a total cat person lol...).  It is very comfortable outfit that I go back to time after time.  I sometimes like to pair this outfit with flats to make it more feet-friendly.  However I think it was a good choice I wore boots yesterday because just look at the photos I took with the ladies! The height difference despite the heels... Sigh... I suppose there are perks of being petite too :P Until next time!

T-shirt: Zara - Similar here and here
Jeans: Urban Planet - Similar
Handkerchief sweater: Aeropostale - Similar here and here
Boots: The Bay - Similar

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  1. Loved this post, and was so nice meeting you! Thanks for coming to our event!


    1. Thanks Krystin! It was a pleasure meeting you! Hopefully we'll have more encounters in the future! <3

  2. Such a fun post babe! I love your writing style and how you covered the event in such detail, I feel like I was there! How cool is it that Coquitlam Centre was having a blogger even when you went! I know once of the girls that hosted, Krystin (though Insta =P). She's so stylish!

    Rina Samantha

    1. Thanks love! It was fun at the event looking at different outfits picked out by the bloggers! Made me wanna shop hahah everyone was so stylish!

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