Be a Boss with a Sleeveless duster

by - May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

What better time it is to talk about moms than Mother's Day? Mothers are such strong and capable people. Working on a Perinatal unit as nurse, I witness the selflessness everyday as mothers go through painful labor to deliver their babies and tiring feeding schedules for newborns. Not to mention the lifelong commitment to care for her babies as they grow. Birthing a baby also comes with the changes in women, both physique and the mind, in which they embrace with pride. Women are marvelous; and mothers, amazing. You are all super women. So to all the mothers out there, rather or not you feel like you are struggling, you are doing just fine. As the popular parenting mom blogger Kristina Kuzmic said in her recent video, I notice you - and you are not alone. I really like how my nursing colleague and mentor, Erin, put it "Strong women - may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them". So so meaningful!

Even with all the chasing around and feeding your little grower, there's no reason why you can't look fab at the same time. Sweats and yoga clothes aren't the only dress code ;) Mom's are bosses, we can and should dress like one.

When I saw this sleeveless duster from Zara, I instantly fell in love! Photos just can't do its justice. With the drapery front and pleated silky flowy back, it calls "boss" to me. I can foresee myself  buying more sleeveless dusters and vests in the future already once I figured out how cute and easy it is to style them! The length of this duster almost gives it a Van Helsing Vampire vibe to it, which I find pretty cool. Usually when I choose my clothes, I go for the shorter version. Lengthy clothes can weigh down on vertically-challenged people like me and make them appear shorter than they are. However, with this particular duster, I think the light-weight flowiness and drapery front at the right height eliminated that problem for me.

Here's a couple ways how to choose a sleeveless duster:

1. Play safe, go neutral
Dusters are kind of like mini-blazers, especially if they are made of heavier fabrics. They are an excellent choice to pair with the blouse and pants combo, especially when they are in neutral colors like black or white. They make a chic, contemporary outfit without being too formal. Wear these little cuties with jeans to make them more casual and versatile. I chose to make a pop to my outfit with a pair of red denim. It creates contrast with my black duster to add an interesting twist. The strappy shoes pull the whole outfit together. What do you think?

2. Go wild, play with prints and textures
To spice up your outfit, experiment sleeveless dusters in different prints such as plaid or gingham. Printed dusters gives one a more youthful look. Pair them with a graphic tee to show off the sporty street style chic.

Different textured dusters emit different styles. Don the rock star approach in a leather duster. The more structured fabric gives a duster a clean trendy feel. Denim is the Canadian tuxedo. Try a denim duster with frayed edges for a punk cool look.

How do you style your sleeveless dusters? Let me know in the comments down below! Till next time!

Sleeveless duster: ZaraHere
Shirt: Zara - Similar here and here
Pants: Urban PlanetSimilar here
Shoes: Brash - Here
Necklace: Forever 21 Similar here
Bracelet: Forever 21 - Similar here

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  1. You are definitely looking like a boss in that the sleeveless duster! It's the perfect length and I can see it being styled with so many different things! I love your red pants and Titus looks so cute in your photos! Love that he's making more and more guest appearances!

    Rina Samantha