The Overall

by - May 17, 2017

The overall has made its comeback and is popping up everywhere! It looks very cute if worn properly. However, be mindful of the slightest missteps that can make you wind up looking like a little girl or you've just walked out of a farm. I chose an overall with spaghetti straps and all buttoned front. These details make this overall appear more contemporary and modern. I pulled two looks today with just a change of shoes! I dressed up my overall with a pair of high heel mules. These neutral color of these heels pull the whole outfit together by adding grace and elegance without overdoing it. A denim overall is a very casual piece - shoes that are too dressy will make it appropriate and awkward to look at. I switched it up to a pair of sneakers for a more relaxed feel. Together with the overall created a perfect outfit for a date out with my little man when I have to run around chasing after him. Any thoughts? :)

Here's what to watch out for when picking out an overall that suits you:

1. The right fit and cut
Overalls come in different cuts nowadays - long pants, shorts, skirts, etc. Choosing a fit that is flattering to your body is key. 

Find a pair with adjustable straps to fit your torso and avoid gapping or pulling at the crotch. If you like your overall a little bit of a looser fit, pick a feminine top to go underneath like laced, ruffled, or fitted tops. A loose cut overall is more masculine and the girly top acts to soften up the outfit.

If you are a short girl like me, either opt for shorts and skirts, or legs that are cropped and cuffed. There are now also the design without the flap covering the front and back! Try the new overalls with full length suspension straps. The traditional overall cut can make you look stumpy.

2. Color it up
For a more modern look, choose a colored overall. 

Try the black and white to stay on the safe side. Neutral colors are easy and versatile to style, making your look effortless. Monochrome looks are the easiest way to dip your toes in to new trends. 

Be adventurous and experiment with other colors to create interesting sparks. Since pink and blush are the colors of the season, it's a good area to start! Experiment with pink and blush overalls. They are very chic and adds a bit of elegance to the relaxed piece. Stay current with bold and brighter colors like red and royal blue and make a statement!

How do you style your overall? Let me know in the comments below! Till next time!

Overall: GUESSHere
Top: American Eagle Outfitter Here
Handkerchief sweater: Aeropostale Similar here and here
Mules: Christian SirianoSimilar here
Sneakers: SupergaHere
Bracelets: Forever 21Similar here

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  1. You look so elegant and stylish in your denim overall. I love that you paired it with OTS top and these sandals.