The Childhood Fav - Tulle skirt

by - May 27, 2017

Was it Carry Bradshaw that started the whole tulle skirt trend back in "Sex and the City"? She definitely knows how to wear her tulle and looks oh-so-fab in it! And 13 years later, the tutu is still rocking the fashion walkways, and on websites and forums of fashion bloggers and influencers. Styling Tulle can sometimes be tricky. Small mistakes and you could end up like a little girl at a ballet recital. How do you incorporate your childhood dress-up fav into every day and night looks?

1. The Casual
There are many ways to style the tutu. Let's start with the basics!

Put on a graphic tee tugged in or cropped with your tulle skirt and you have yourself a casual look that lasts you all day without appearing over-the-top. Style it with a leather jacket to throw an edgy impression.

Denim shirt combo? Yes! Pairing a denim or chambray shirt with a tulle dress for a contemporary chic look.

Breeze is a little too cold for you? Layer a mini tutu with sweater on top and over denim jeans or leggings to show off your flirty vibe.

2. The Vintage Classic
Add lace to your outfit. Black lace top with a black tulle skirt would make up your "little black dress" that goes a long way.

Striped shirt works well too for more causally expressed vintage-ness.

Complete your look with vintage-inspired accessories like a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and thin belt with a small bow detail to spike up the classiness.

3. The Glam
A night out with your tulle skirt is always fun. Throw in a bit of sparkly glam with metallic. Try a gold sequin top or jacket for the vocal point. Bold accessories would make a statement in the outfit. Your tutu will soften up the harsh glare of the sparkles.

Feeling daring? Experiment with a full length tutu. A skirt running down to the ankle instantly glams the outfit and make it more formal, more so with a puffy tutu! It is beautiful on its own and ramps up your sophistication and elegance.

4. The Work
When you can't seem to separate from your tulle skirt, wear it to work too! Just pop on a blazer and tights and you have yourself a cute yet professional outfit.

How do you style your tutu? Let me know in the comments below! Till next time!

Tutu: Clover Happiness - Here
Top: Urban Planet - Similar here
Shawl: H&M - Similar here
Choker: Jam Shop Here
Bangle: Kate Spade - Here
Bag: Jessica Simpson - Similar here and here
Belt: Similar here and here
Shoes: Fioni - Here

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