Chill out

by - June 02, 2017

After a long week of work, it's nice to spend some time with family and friends. I think it's very important for everyone to find a balance between work and friends and family. For your friends and family, you are a companion. Your mere presence can bring joy and lift their spirits. Sometimes that might just be what keeps them going; vice versa. Sometimes you need somebody to be there to feel cared for and loved. It's not worth it to be on your electronic devices constantly and missing out on the time spent with your loved ones. Especially the little ones. They aren't that little forever. They grow so fast *sigh* I still can't believe how small my son was almost two years ago compared to now! Take a moment to appreciate a tech-free surrounding. It's the simple things in life that gives the pleasure.

A picnic is a very great way to unwind. You get to enjoy the luxury of fresh air, scenery and the people. It helps you pull away from your busy work life and de-stress. This past weekend I had a picnic day with my friends and family. It was a very chill day and we had so much fun. I also had a chance to play with my friend's dog, Kenshin. He's the cutest thing ever (well close contender to my little peanut of course ❤)! My own two fur babies were a bit jealous when they found out played with a dog. We didn't think bringing two VERY curious cats out to the park was a good idea. It's very relaxing to sit under a tree in the shade and watch the youngsters play, or just people in general. Sometimes you see a lot when you just stop and watch what goes on around you. Not creepy at all. :P 

The picnic was the perfect opportunity to pull out my new picnic wicker basket. Although the basket is secondhand, it was still BNWT! It was such a good cheap find! I find it stylish and it was actually very useful to store all the food and drinks we had. The built-in utensils were a hit as well. I felt like I didn't need much preparing at all. To match the vintage vibe,  i chose to wear a flowy circle skirt with a gingham print shirt tied in the front. They were super comfortable and easy to move around in. The cool candy colors made the outfit summery and lay back. The perfect outfit for a picnic on a warm Spring/Summer day!

What do you do to rewind and chill? Let me know in the comments below. Till next time! Have a great weekend everyone!

Shirt: No Brand - Similar here
Tank: Forever 21 - Here
Circle skirt: Charles Richards - Here
Hat: Forever 21 - Similar here
Sunglasses: RayBan - Similar here
Sandals: American Eagle for Payless - Similar here

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  1. Sounds and looks like the perfect day for a picnic! I love what you wore for the picnic too! Such a cute ensemble! And that is the biggest sandwich I've ever seen!

    Rina Samantha

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