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by - May 08, 2017

Ahoy! Since I was little I've always had the love for the sea and ocean. I'm drawn to things that are related to it like sea-themed accessories and clothing, movies like The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean and more recently Moana (you can tell I'm a Disney fan too!), I even decorated my son's room sea-themed!

So when I heard about the Ships to Shore King of the Sea festival I knew I had to check it out! The festival features Kaiwo Maru, a naval training vessel from Japan. According to the festival's official website, it is used to train cadets as well as ordinary citizens and give them knowledge about the ship and the sea. They also will learn to appreciate and respect good seamanship. Pretty cool huh? Tall ships are my favorite sail boats because they are always beautifully designed and just nice to look at on a sunny day. 

I decided to go with the sea theme by styling a nautical look. The classic nautical color scheme is navy blue, white and bright red stripes. I decided to skip the red and just go with the navy blue and white combo. They are relatively neutral colors that work well with all body types. On its own, my navy blue top doesn't look too nautical. It has small square prints on it that almost look tribal. However, pairing it with a short sleeve blue stripes on white cardigan somehow made it work. The print actually adds an interesting twist to the outfit. I kept the look casual with a flared pin-striped denim skirt. To complete the outfit, I detailed with a gold anchor necklace. I love this piece because every time I wear it, I can't help but imagine myself sailing under blue sunny sky. It gives me the dreamy happy feeling! Anything with an anchor instantly makes it nautical and cute. So how do you make nautical work for you?

1. Wear the nautical color 
The blue, white and red stripes, like I said, are the nautical basics. If you like it out of the box, you can try larger color blocks! With just the combination of the colors, the nautical hue would just emerge out of it.

Image result for styling nauticalImage result for styling nauticalImage result for styling nautical
Image result for nautical color blockImage result for nautical style

2. Don the nautical symbols
Stripes are not the only thing that makes an outfit nautical. Nautical-themed prints too can have the same effect to bring out the theme. For example, anchor, life ring, ship's wheel, sea creatures, you name it - anything related to the sea! 

Image result for anchor print stylenautical themed outfit
Image result for Under the Sea Starfish and Seahorse Print
3. The accessories
Complete your look with any nautical accessories. It doesn't even have to be an anchor - Try sea shells, sea horses, starfishes, ropes, sailor knots, etc. They are so much fun and easy to style and perfect for Spring and Summer. Minimalist? Try carrying the nautical spirit on the nails!
Image result for nautical knot accessoriesImage result for nautical watch
Image result for nautical hat

How do you style your nautical look? Let me know in the comments down below! Till next time!

Cardigan: Forever 21 - Similar here
Shirt: Urban Behavior - Similar here
Skirt: H&M - Similar here
Anchor necklace: Forever 21 - Similar here
Bracelet: Forever 21Similar here
Hat: Forever 21Similar here
Watch: Fossil Stella - Here and similar here
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange - Similar here
Shoes: Brash - Here

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  1. Such a cute post Winnie! You are killing it with all your posts lately and I love getting to know more and more about what fuels your fashion choices. The nautical theme is such a good one. I love stripes and the navy and red combo. You look so cute!

    Rina Samantha

    1. Thanks for the compliment Rina! I've always loved nautical it's so cute and easy to style! My fashion choices are fairly instinctive. I kind of go with the flow of the day and see how I feel everyday, you know, like rather I want it to be relaxed or more dressy etc. The nautical theme came up when I saw the festival and I thought it went along with the theme perfectly!

      Do continue to give me constructive feedback! I wanna know how I can improve my blog too from a pro haha <3