For the love of stripes!

by - May 03, 2017

I went to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival last week. The festival situated at a tulip farm in Abbotsford just off of Highway 1. I love how the tulips are grown in rows. When you look at it from afar, It's like a sea of colors. It is absolutely beautiful! When I found this fabulous striped shirt at Winners, I thought it is a winner right away and was flawless for the occasion! It accentuates the waist with a tide front. It also has the off-the-shoulder detail. With the striped pattern it fits this season's trend perfectly! Since it was a farm visit, I wore a pair of cute rain boots by Hunter with quilt pattern. Was I glad I made that decision - It was quite muddy there! The excellent quality of the boots kept me dry and mud-free the entire trip. The quilt pattern was an eye-catcher. The boots doesn't look like rain boots at all because of the pattern and it made them very stylish in the wet (and muddy!) weather.

I noticed that I have a lot of striped clothes in my closet... BLUE stripes to be particular! I guess I just really love blue striped clothes. But let's be honest... Everyone loves a little bit of stripes. Right? Many people are reluctant to wear stripes, especially horizontal ones, because of the optical illusion of making one look bigger. I believe rather it is horizontal or vertical, if carefully picked and fitted to your body type, either one can look fabulous.

Horizontal stripes can be stylish if the right pattern is chosen. Try a piece with thin stripes starting just under the shoulders, leaving the shoulders area a solid colored background to make it more contemporary. Perhaps try a striped crop top! Keep the pattern minimal for a more clean look. Think out of the box and go for a wavy striped pattern for an edgy vibe. Avoid stretchy material that is too body hugging because the stripes exaggerates all the area where they lay. Some people like that look, but it doesn't seem very flattering to me.

Image result for styling stripesImage result for styling stripesImage result for styling stripes

Vertical stripes are a little easier to style. They have the optical illusion to make one appear taller. This is especially good for someone vertically challenged like me. However, be forewarned about vertical stripes, pick a cut that is not too body hugging. That is, unless you have zero body fat. With a tight fitted vertical striped top, it really shows off all your curves. I mean, ALL of your curves. That means your muffin top, it doesn't matter how small it is, will show because vertical stripes amplify those curves! Opt for a looser fit like mine to save yourself from drawing attention to your body for all the wrong reasons. 

Image result for styling stripesImage result for styling stripesImage result for styling stripes

Want to style stripes with stripes? By all means! Stripes on stripes can be very trendy if done right. Trying separating your top and bottom stripes with a belt to add a bit of break in between to keep it interesting. If it is a striped dress? Tide a denim shirt around your waist to add depth to your outfit. Complete your look with a second striped piece as your outerwear.

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Let me know how you style your stripes in the comments below! Till next time!

Striped shirt: Japna found at Winners - Similar here
Denim skirt: Forever21 - Here
Bomber: Ardene - Similar here
Rain boots: Hunter - Here and similar here
Watch: DKNY Here and Similar
Wooden bangle: Forever21Similar here
Bracelets: Forever21Similar here

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  1. I definitely have a thing for stripes too! I love the embroidered striped shirt you styled too (the blue one!). I definitely see myself wearing stripes for the rest of spring and summer and recently ordered a few new striped pieces to try =)

    Rina Samantha