Rocking Embroidery

by - April 29, 2017

Recently embroidery is popping up everywhere, in stores, on runways, and online as seen on fashion bloggers and influencer. It is making a comeback, a glamorous one! It is one of the trends that I really enjoy and wondered why it ever went away. To some people, embroidery reminds them of grandma's wardrobe. However with new modern twists, it has the ability to create many effortless fresh Spring appearance!

The possibility of embroidery is endless. There are many designs such as animals, floral prints or patterned. Embroidery looks great anywhere on the an outfit. Here's what I think about it!

1. The top
The easiest way to style embroidery is on a top. Even just a simple detail like a floral patch across the front is already enough to add a refreshing element to the whole outfit. Don't be fooled by its simplicity. The magic of embroidery is that it stands out on its own because of the bright colored stitching. It works for all kinds of tops - cotton, denim, long, cropped, plain, patterned, etc. The possibility is endless!

I chose today a long striped shirt with a floral detail on one side of the bodice. Although the patch is quite large, the length of the shirt makes it look clean and modern. I love this type of cut on a shirt! Not only I can wear it as just a top, I can also wear it as a shirt dress because it is long enough! 

You can always dress up or down a shirt dress. Leave it loose like me and pair it with leggings or tight jeans and sneakers for a cute and casual look for a weekend brunch. Show your classy and trend character by glamming it up with a thick corset belt and pumps. 

2. The bottom
Embroidery on your bottoms goes a long way. Whether its on denim jeans, cotton skirts, dress pants, a little embroidery boosts personality to your outfit. It draws attention to your lower body, so choose something body-hugging like pencil skirts or slim-cut jeans to stay trendy.

3. The outerwear 
Same with the above with adding detail on your outfit. Embroidery is starting to make its appearance on outerwear such as denim jackets, coats and the now-trending bomber jackets. It adds to your outfit without disturbing the rest of your look. Depends on what the print is of your embroidery on your outerwear, floral or animal print can make you look feminine, whereas patterns bring in the tribal vibe. 

4. The accessories
Embroidery doesn't necessarily have to be on clothing. In fact, many designers now bring the trend into accessories. You can find stitched work on jewelries and bags and they look super cute! Keep your outfit neutral and relatively plain to make your embroidered accessories stand out. 

You can see how I styled a denim embroidered shirt on my older post here.

I hope you like my suggestions! Tell me how you style your embroidered pieces in the comments below. Till next time!

Embroidered shirt: here
Leather leggings: Aritzia - here
Sneakers: Superga - here
Necklace: here
Bangle: Swarovski - here
Sunglasses: Aldo - Similar here
Bag: Sailor Moon x Samantha Vega Collectible - Similar here

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