Day 5 - Walt Disney World Epcot

by - July 03, 2017

On Day 5 of our trip, we were back at Walt Disney World, and we only had half a day until our flight back home. We decided to spend the day at the more relaxing, slower-paced park - Epcot.

Epcot is a showcase of the present and future world in which they have exhibitions for different countries and cultures. There are many meet and greet Disney characters representing the country they are from. Because we were short on time, we focused on Norway and France, the two place the hubbie and I would really love to visit next! We met Anna and Elsa at Norway where we had a hilarious time discussing about love. They were so cute. We didn't get a chance to meet Belle in France as we missed her performance time, but we did have a blast ordering so much food from the French bakery there! We had quite a bit of snacks left from our meal plans we wanted to use it all up. The food all looked so good it was hard to decide what to get! We ended up having pretty much all sweet stuff for lunch and saved our sandwiches for just before the flight at the airport.

The highlight of our day was us changing up the pins we wore. During our last few days, I've been wearing the "First Visit" pin from the resort. I've been getting my welcome's and have-fun's from various Disney staff around the parks. This day, I asked for a "Happily ever after" pin. It's very interesting how the interactions changed with just a pin! We got a lot more people (from other visitors too!) coming to congratulate us! *lol* I guess we were celebrating our early anniversary!

I dressed the day in a one-piece t-shirt dress. Although half-day involved less walking, comfort was still key for I wore it on the flight home as well. I wrapped my denim shirt around my waist again as an extra layer for cooler temperatures in buildings and on the flight. Same gold necklace and bangles for the bling.

T-shirt dresses are great on-the-go because they are a very minimal piece. Although they are comfortable and breathable for all day wear, they can look boring with just a pair of sandals. You can try spicing it up with a denim shirt tided around the waist like I did. You can also try laying it with a military vest or cropped denim jacket for a cute relaxed look. Oversized cardigans and flannels atop the t-shirt dress for travellers going to cooler destinations. Sneakers and caps are also an excellent choice to pair with t-shirt dresses for a sporty, active vibe. Thinking of a Boho look for more sunny, tropical destinations? Opt for a large floppy hat with a long statement necklace!

This is the last of the Walt Disney World/Universal Orlando trip series! *Sigh* Still in vacay mode! I'll be back on my regular stuff for the next post. Stay tune! Hint hint! It's wedding seasons! Till next time!

T-shirt dress: Disney Similar here
Denim button-up shirt: American Eagle - Similar here
Necklace: Bootlegger - Similar here
Bangles: Aldo Accessories Similar here
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange - Similar here
Sandals: Smartfit - Similar here

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